Chapter 6

Voyage to Solnec, written by Jason Luka Smoke & Mirrors are on their way to find the Cartis Arcana but first have to survive the boat ride over to the island. Download Transcript

Chapter 5

It’s Not Magic, It’s DiGiorno written by Jason Luka. Smoke & Mirrors have a lead on the Cartis Arcanis but things aren’t always that simple, especially when planning for long trips is involved. Download Transcript

Chapter 4

Under the Knife written by Jason Luka. The prisoner may have made a daring escape but it takes a magician to see through a magic trick. Download Transcript

Chapter 3

The Man in Chains written by Jason Luka. Everyone deals with the aftermath of surviving the stagecoach robbery while the surviving attacker seems to have some secrets of own. Download Transcript

Chapter 2

The Closer You Look written by Jason Luka. Princess Mackenzie invites Smoke & Mirrors to a local pub to bury the hatchet and see some live music but they can’t resist stealing the spotlight. Download Transcript