James Blaisdell
King Rowan II
James Blaisdell is a voice actor, writer, and unwilling vessel of the dark spirits of Dimension 42. Also a good cook.

Sarah Hood
Princess Yourie
Sarah Hood currently voice acts and writes for Horror City Radio as well as guest hosting The Cinemasocast and Memphis Paranormal.

Ryo Kimball
Octavius Blackwater
Ryo Kimball has spent little time studying the occult, despite a lifelong interest in magic, instead, he spent his time studying more technical disciplines in science and psychology. Yet, in some ways, this only serves to remind him how a bit of deception and sleight of hand can go a long way.

Mike Kooistra
Nero Chamberlain
Artist, writer, entrepreneur. Currently running a professional mixed martial arts promotion he co-founded, special effects technician setting fires and making explosives in TV/Film, writer/producer/actor for Horror City Radio, and soon to be fabricating performance grade custom silicone mermaid tails and accessories. “I don’t want to work a normal job.”

Kirsten Kraus
Lillian Carlisle
Actress, camera operator, and special effects technician. When not making big badda booms, fire eating/dancing, or wiring fireworks, voice acting and gardening seem like reasonable, balanced hobbies to counteract the adrenaline.

Jason Luka
Prince Oswald
Jason Luka has worked on Horror City Radio as a co-director and voice actor.  He wrote, directed and did several voices for Smoke & Mirrors, including Prince Oswald.

Kim Nelson
Queen Tambri
Kim grew up in the beautiful islands of Hawaii, and it was here she was infused with an adventurous and spirited nature. Kim is a natural performer who love to entertain and be a part of the limelight. She has a wonderful vocal range and can draw forth a wide range of unique and creative character voices from the humorous to the odd and creepy. She looks forward to the next performance and the next chance to entertain you!

More coming soon…