Current auditions are for the upcoming Chapter 7 and will close April 3rd.

  • Adriana Santos (semi-recurring) – Show AuditionDownload
     A Latino woman who, like our main characters, also accidentally ended up in Soleil at one point. Only heard in a recording in the first season but will returning a few times later.
  • Herald (one-shot) – Show AuditionDownload
     A loud man who announces when royalty is approaching… loudly. Did I mention he’s loud?
  • Innkeeper (one-shot) – Show AuditionDownload
     The innkeeper who is about keeping the inn running just as much as he/she is about keeping his/her daughter stay away from “Rowdy Patron.”
  • Rowdy Patron (one-shot) – Show AuditionDownload
     The Rowdy Patron enjoys drinking, fighting and trying to shack up with the innkeeper’s daughter. The innkeeper is obviously not amused by his antics.
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